Hey Mark!

Thank you so much for the work that you did on the shed! It looks great! I wanted to just tell you how much I appreciated how fast you were with getting the shed to us. And the workmanship is perfect. Again thank you so much. It looks really nice!


Hi, Mark!

I just noticed a posting for your shed. My close friend, Kathy P, and I were just raving about the shed that you built at her Bellevue home. Although you did not ultimately build a shed for me, I have admired Kathleen’s whenever I visit and can personally attest to your professionalism and attentiveness even in the face of dealing with a difficult customer (namely, me!) I would be happy to serve as a reference. I’ll ask Kathleen if she would be willing to do the same.



We are very happy with Mark's work. I don't know much about construction myself but a carpenter who is doing some work for us reported that he thought it was well made - particularly the doors. It looks great.

I wasn't home when they came out to construct it, but I was told they were efficient and good natured. It was bit of a trick to get the truck back where we needed it and at one point we needed them to move it out to allow my sister to get my elderly mother, who lives in a cottage behind our house, out to her car. They were more than polite and they (I'm not sure if it was Mark or his partner since I heard all this third hand) helped my mother (she is on oxygen) with her things. She was very appreciative.

Mark was responsive to me via email and the telephone. I was never left hanging.

I wouldn't think twice about using him again.

Denise K.

Mark truely is a master at his craft. I've been looking for reasonably priced, high quality shed for a few years now and I finally found just that. I could not be happier with my shed.

Todd L.